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FAQs & Store Policies

The originators of the custom printed backdrop & floor phenomenon! 

~established 3/17/10~ 

 Backdrop/Floordrop Industry Pioneer & Leader 
  Thousands of designs from noted designers     Offering Fabrics, Props & Maternity Gowns
  4 materials to choose from   Eco-Friendly Inks  
   Reflection-Free Poly Paper Drops    Heavy duty waterproof vinyl Drops & Floors 
  Heavy-weight & portable Polyester Fabric Drops    Heavy Duty Neoprene floors 
  Easy ordering and lightning fast turnaround
 Loyal Customer Rewards Program    Monthly Drawing to win prizes
  Superior Customer Service
  World Class Vendor Partners
  Featured Vendors on our website

U.S. CUSTOMERS (not including Alsaka or Hawaii): 

All items on this site are available for order on this website.
CANADA CUSTOMERS: Drops & Floors (vinyl/poly) are available for order on this website.
ALL OTHER INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, as well as Alaska, Hawaii & APO/FPO: Ordering instructions are found here:

Fabric (ALL COUNTRIES):  Order here

What MATERIALS do you offer for your Custom Printed Drops?

VINYL COATED CANVAS (52" & 61" width) (recommended best for backdrops AND floordrops)

The Vinyl Coated Canvas we use from our many supplier(s) is a thick; heavy weight vinyl material.  It has an ultra smooth, strong reinforced construction weaved between vinyl layers that is high quality with high durability. The finish is smooth and yields a superior print resolution and image quality. It has a matte finish on both sides. Prints on this material are COMPLETELY water-proof and smear-proof due to the ECO-SOLVENT ink we use on this material. Vinyl coated canvas cleans up with a GENTLE application of warm soapy water (do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive implements to clean). The Vinyl Coated Canvas we use (from our various suppliers) is a thick; heavy weight material. It has an ultra smooth, VERY strong reinforced construction weaved between vinyl layers that is HIGH quality with HIGH durability. The finish is smooth and yields a superior print resolution and image quality. It has a matte finish on both sides. Prints on this material are COMPLETELY water-proof and smear-proof due to the ECO-SOLVENT ink we use on this material. Vinyl coated canvas cleans up easily with Windex or warm soapy water (do not use harsh chemicals). 

Because your drop or floor is a printed surface it needs to be handled with the utmost care; keeping in mind that this is a "printed" surface that is not impermeable to being scratched. We suggest you store them rolled.

POLY PAPER (60" width) (recommended best for backdrops versus floors which get more traffic)

The name "Poly Paper" is deceiving because the material is not paper. It's actually a sturdy synthetic alternative that feels/looks like a heavy weight paper. The ECO-SOLVENT ink we use allows the printed image on our Poly Paper to be completely 100% NON GLARE/100% NON REFLECTIVE in ANY lighting condition. It has a matte finish and is perfect for our dark-colored backdrop designs! 

The 'material' is  tear resistant but still needs to be handled with the utmost care; keeping in mind that this is a "printed" surface that is not impermeable to being scratched, scuffed, or creased. To avoid creasing store rolled.

*If you plan to use the poly material as a floordrop where wetness may occur we suggest you protect it with a UV spray to avoid damage to the printed surface.

 POLYESTER WRINKLE FREE FABRIC (Available HERE) (various widths) (can be used as a backdrop or as a floordrop):

Our Fabric drops print beautifully on our state of the art printers! 

The material is a polyester which is wrinkle free and it can be hung up easily anywhere.  They are perfect for in-studio or on-location because of their extreme portability! They can be folded in between uses to save you tons of space!  The material is low maintenance and extremely durable.  

We recommend spot cleaning the material but they have been known to get softer and more wrinkle resistant with a good washing after spills or "accidents."  

*There may be folds or slight wrinkles present in the fabric from the shipping process but you can simply hang it up and weigh the drop down at the bottom and they will work themselves out


*Incredibly photo realistic 
*Neoprene type rubber backing made with 20% recycled content. 
*Rolls up when not in use 
*Rubber backing adds skid resistance and memory so the rug lays flat every time. 
*Machine-washable and dryable. 
*Rounded corners. 
*Color-fast designs are permanently dyed into the fabric surface with permanent inks. 
*Anti-microbial and stain-resistant microfibers 

Check out our video highlighting each of the materials we carry:

Do you charge SALES TAX:
  • Please note: 5% sales tax will be added to VA, USA RESIDENTS.

What is the SHIPPING TIME?
    • Printing time for our vinyl coated canvas & poly paper drops varies based on the volume of paid orders we receive per day. Our turn around time is normally 1-3 business days  (with the exception of during AND immediately following our big sales -- when that time frame is put ON HOLD until we are able to fulfill all of the order backlog from the high volume).
    • Turn around time for our Polyester Wrinkle Free Fabric backdrops is approximately 1-2 weeks.
    • Turn around time for our rubber backed neoprene floors is 1-2 weeks.
    • Turn around time for our beanbag fabric is approximately 1 week.
    • Turn around time for our props: If item is in stock it will ship out in less than one week.  If the item is "on order" with our distributor we will mark the item as a "pre-order" in the title so you are aware that shipping time will be extended.
    • Turn around time for our baseboards is approximately 1-2 weeks.
    • Turn around time for our Hand-made wood props is approximately 2-3 weeks.
    • Turn around time for made to order maternity gowns is 1-3 weeks.
    • Digital downloads - arrive in a link in your email immediately after purchase at the bottom of the email.

    What REMINDERS should I be aware of regarding backdrops & floordrops before purchasing? 
    • All computer monitors are not calibrated equally. We have made every effort to display (as accurately as possible) the colors and brightness/darkness of our floors & drops on our website but we cannot guarantee exact color matching. Due to monitor discrepancies, we cannot guarantee that your display will be accurate and your backdrop may look different then what you see on your screen.
    • Large format printing is meant to be used at a distance and is not intended to be viewed up close.  
    • 95% of the sample images shown in our design galleries are a representation of a 52 inch by 7 foot backdrop or floor design. If you order your backdrop or floor design in a wider, shorter or longer size than the illustrated sample - please be aware that it is at Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops' creative discretion as to how the design will be cropped or transformed (to fit the size dimension that you order).  Please keep in mind proportion when you choose a specific design.  The wider or taller you order a design the larger the graphic will be.  Some designs are cropped based on the size you choose  and others are transformed to fit the size.  

    • Shipping is based on weight and package size.  We DO combine shipping for items shipped from the same locations.
    • US orders ship with UPS.  Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO, & International orders ship with USPS Priority Mail (insurance required).  If there is a loss or breakage in shipment we will be happy to issue a replacement item once the claims process is completed.
    • You must ensure the shipping address associated with your payment is correct - this address is used to create your shipping label. Please contact us, immediately, if your shipping address is incorrect.  If your package is addressed to correctly based on the information you provided us but is returned to us for non-delivery/non-order acceptance you will be responsible for the additional shipping charges to re-send the package.
    • Customs, import duties, or quarantine/fumigation fees (for certain props, etc depending upon country) may be applied to International orders when the shipment reaches its local customs destination. Such charges are the sole responsibility of the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. We do not have details on this information so please contact your local customs office for details.  Shipping laws are different in each country. 
    • We CANNOT guarantee the arrival of your shipment by a specific date.  We also have no control over UPS or USPS delays that hold up the arrival of your shipment.  The delivery dates they provide are "estimates" only.  We suggest that you do not schedule your photo shoots based on the arrival of these items until you have physically received your products.

    Once You Receive Your Backdrop/Floordrop Order:
    • Your vinyl or poly paper floor or backdrop will arrive rolled inside of a heavy duty cardboard shipping tube that is great for storing the drops when not in use.  If you experience any tightness in sliding your backdrops out of the tube, simply grab the corner of the inner-most backdrop and twist in the opposite direction of how they are rolled.  Backdrops will loosen and slide out.
    • Customers are responsible for ensuring that all staples are out of the shipping tube before attempting to remove backdrops from the shipping tube.  If you do not remove the staples you can scratch/damage the material and you will be responsible.
    • Your vinyl or poly paper floor or backdrop will arrive with a thick white border around the design to help protect the design in shipment (at no additional cost to you).  You can use this area as a place to clamp your drops or if you prefer, you can simply remove the excess material with household scissors.  Please note: based on how the printer feeds the large rolls of the material through the printer the white border will not always be perfectly symmetrical on all sides.  This does not affect the the printed design in any way and has no bearing on the quality of the print.  It is merely there to protect the design. 
    • Once you receive your shipment we ask that you check your order within 48 hours of receipt of delivery.

    What are the USAGE tips?
      • Our drops work with Studio lighting or Natural lighting. 
      • The floors should be used on a completely flat & clean surface. They will not work with carpet unless something is used underneath like a sheet of wood, plexi, etc.
      • ALWAYS use caution when placing any objects that are not soft on the surface of the floors/drops to ensure you don't scratch the design! Keep in mind that this is a "printed" surface and is not impermeable to being scratched by dragged items/props across the floor/drop. We suggest you use protective pads on your props so that sharp edges are not rubbing against the drops.  Always lift and move your props versus dragging them across the surface of the prop. 
        *We are not responsible if you scratch your floor/drop.*
      • Floors and backdrops can be stored ROLLED in the shipping tube or laid/hung flat to avoid creasing. Do not fold the floors/drops or they can crease.
      • If your drop shifts in the tube during shipment and the edges become wrinkled or creased just apply heat and the vinyl will smooth out or wrap the backdrop around the cardboard tube it was shipped in and secure the edges with a clip or rubber band.  Leave it in a warm place and any wrinkles will come out.  You can also cut the protective border off of the backdrop with household scissors if you prefer.
      • Cake smashes on drops or floors are at your own risk.

      • Once an order has been printed it cannot be refunded.
      • Because of the custom nature of our product we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges on products. 
      • We do our best to inspect each drop/floor order that is printed and each prop order that is shipped (before it leaves our shop) to ensure there are no defects.
      • If an item that you receive is defective, damaged in transit, or an incorrect design was sent to you in error - please email us at within 48 hours of receipt of product with the details of the defect along with photos. If you do not contact us within this time frame we reserve the right to deny an exchange of the defective/damaged/incorrect item. Please DO NOT use the defective products unless we instruct you to.
      • If there is a defect in the item, that was NOT caused by the mis-use of the item, we will issue you an exchange for the same item you ordered.
      • We are not responsible for damage caused by not removing staples from your backdrop shipping tube.  You are responsible for ensuring they are removed before pulling the drops out of the tube.
      • If your shipment does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time (the time estimated by the carrier) after we inform you of the ship date please check the tracking number we've provided you to review the status of the package.  If the package appears to be lost after the shipment has gone well beyond the "estimated" arrival date we would be happy to put a claim in with the shipping carrier if the package was of insurable value and we will work with you on a replacement.
      • We are an internet-based business.  Our strict policy is to work with our clients via email communication. Electronic messaging is extremely vital to our business model. Email allows us to review all questions, concerns, or comments in detail and respond the best way possible with all of the required information.  It also helps us keep records of all transactions details.

      Are CUSTOM PRINTED ORDERS available? 

      Yes, click here to order.  

      Do you have a REWARDS PROGRAM?

      Click here to learn about our rewards program in more detail.

      Do you participate in give-aways?

      We participate in various give-aways during the year.  Keep and eye on our Facebook page to see which we're involved in.

      Please note: Give-away gift certificates expire 1 month after issue date.

      Do you offer a New Customer/1st Time Buyer Discount?
      • Yes, we do!  If you have never ordered from our company (via email order OR through this website) you are eligible to receive the discount.    If you have ordered from our company before this discount does not apply and you will receive an invoice for the difference before your order will be processed.

        -To apply your discount:

        Create a new account 
        HERE.  Once you have signed up as a brand new customer with our company, have created your first order, and are ready to check out:  you can enter the one time use discount code "NEWCUSTOMER" for 10% off your 1st backdrop or floor drop order.  

        PLEASE NOTE:
      -This coupon code is ONLY valid for our regular priced Vinyl & Poly Paper backdrops or floor drops. The coupon does not include: custom drops, mini drops, rubber-backed floors, baseboards, fabrics, maternity wear/accessories or props. 

      *Please note: This discount is not applicable after your purchase is submitted.  It is only valid at the time of your first purchased.


       This site contains © copyrighted materials and we strictly enforce the following: 
      Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC reserves the right to use tagged images from facebook on our website and in advertisements on facebook.

      © Copyright for all sample images remains with the photographer. 
      © Copyright for all designs remains with Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC. 
      © Copyright for our Baseboards designs remains with Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops, LLC
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