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Choosing your size: The orientation of the backdrop is printed exactly how it is shown in the above image.  The sample image above is a representation of a 52 inch height or width by 7 foot height or width backdrop or floor design.  If you order your backdrop or floor design in a wider, shorter or longer size than the illustrated sample - please be aware that it is at Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops' creative discretion as to how the design will be cropped or transformed (to fit the size dimension that you order).

The size options that are available for this design are listed in the drop-down menu.

Examples of designs that are cropped and designs that can easily be free transformed:

MATERIALS for our Custom Printed Drops:

✤ VINYL COATED CANVAS (recommended best for backdrops AND floordrops)

The Vinyl Coated Canvas we use (from our various suppliers) is a thick; heavy weight material. It has an ultra smooth, VERY strong reinforced construction weaved between vinyl layers that is HIGH quality with HIGH durability. The finish is smooth and yields a superior print resolution and image quality. It has a matte finish on both sides. Prints on this material are COMPLETELY water-proof and smear-proof due to the ECO-SOLVENT ink we use on this material. Vinyl coated canvas cleans up easily with Windex or warm soapy water (do not use harsh chemicals). 

Because your drop or floor is a printed surface it needs to be handled with the utmost care; keeping in mind that this is a "printed" surface that is not impermeable to being scratched. We suggest you store them rolled.

✤ POLY PAPER (recommended best for backdrops versus floors which get more traffic)

The name "Poly Paper" is deceiving because the material is not paper. It's actually a sturdy synthetic alternative that feels/looks like a heavy weight paper. The ECO-SOLVENT ink we use allows the printed image on our Poly Paper to be completely 100% NON GLARE/100% NON REFLECTIVE in ANY lighting condition. It has a matte finish and is perfect for our dark-colored backdrop designs! 

The 'material' is water* and tear resistant but still needs to be handled with the utmost care; keeping in mind that this is a "printed" surface that is not impermeable to being scratched, scuffed, or creased. To avoid creasing store rolled.

*If you plan to use the backdrop as a floordrop where wetness may occur we suggest you protect it with a UV spray to avoid damage to the printed surface.

For more information on our products please visit our FAQS.
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